Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs are a seemingly easy thing to make but when done poorly they can have a dark green discolored coating on the yolk and the smell of sulfur. I love a well done egg, but really cannot stomach them when they are not properly cooked. There are many ways of boiling an egg, this method comes from Jacques Pepin's series "Fast food my way".

Find the bottom of the egg (the end that is the least pointy). Gently poke a pin hole in the eggs This allows the egg to release pressure when dropped in the boiling water. (see little bubbles below)

Gently boil the eggs for ten minutes.

There are two different ways to break the shells. First you can drain the water from the pot, and then quickly move the pot in circles to bang the eggs against the side to crack the shells. The other method is just to remove the eggs and put them in a bowl and move it in circles to crack the shells. I find the first method was more effective.

Immediately submerge the eggs in ice water until they are cool. This helps to remove that sulfur smell you can get in some boiled eggs.

Once the eggs have cooled, run under cold water over the eggs while you peel the shells off. This helps to more easily separate the shell from the membrane without tearing the egg white.

You are done! To tell if the egg is perfectly cooked, cut one in half. There should be no grey/green ring between the yolk and white, and the yolk should be cooked through and all the same colour of yellow. If you undercook them a little (as I did in this photo =P) next time you make them cook them for an extra minute. Finding the perfect time is the most difficult thing, and cooking time varies depending on your altitude (I am at sea level).

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